Light in Babylon Who?

It is the music band I recently listened to during certain periods of the day, Light in Babylon. I wanted you to know this band that makes ethnic music and this text is the keyboard.

The music of Light in Babylon really has a structure that keeps the person cool and calm. Western culture is a music group that I can propose for fans of eastern music against fully electronicized and robotized music. Bride! Let’s get to know Light in Babylon …

By opening the music I share below, you can continue to read the text.

#Light in Babylon Who?

The band “Light in Babylon” released their first official album in 2012, “Life does not give you space”. The band’s soloist Michal Elia Kamal (Iranian-born Israeli), guitarist Julien Demarque, and Mete Farmer are playing the instrument called santur. In 2010, the trio encountered in the streets of Istanbul, then became the core trio of the group.

The group that blends Arab, Iranian, Turkish and Spanish music; Turkey has conducted tours in Cyprus, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Greece, Finland and India. In Turkey, most of the time, they have played in the streets with audiences, and in other countries they have usually performed one-time performances.

Albums: Istanbul (demo), Life sometimes doesn’t give you space (demo), Life sometimes doesn’t give you space, New World

Light in Babylon Web Sitesi: http://www.lightinbabylon.com

Light in Babylon Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCddWNKWVL5KLs9YvswbmBUw

Light in Babylon Youtube: https://www.facebook.com/lightinbabylon

Light in Babylon/Solist: Michal Elia Kamal


Do not say I love this music. Listen! Listen as you love! As you listen, you will see what you like. To put it more generally, the initial reaction of newcomers to folk music is often negative. Because these music is not the usual music. Today’s popular music has gotten us so caught up in it that we are strangers and strangers coming out of that music.

I love the whole of folk music, it has a structure that moves in parallel with human nature and contains feelings that are not lost in feelings. Heleki said that if this music came out of the Middle East, if we were out of these distressed lands, I could say even more I loved it. Here in Light in Babylon we are calling from this land. It totally works in our natural music and tone of voice.

Light in Babylon came to Istanbul many times. What happens when you are performing music on the street is lucky … If this group does not agree with you, do not miss it!



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