How to install Whatsapp on the computer? Connect to Whatsapp without phone

Connect to Whatsapp without phone

With WhatsApp Web Deskop, it is now very easy to enter / connect to whatsapp from a computer without a phone / phone. How to Install WhatsApp on Computer to use whatsapp and transfer files from phone without computer? and I talked about file transfer. Thus, you can use WhatsApp by downloading it to the computer. Now we need to login to connect to the computer with whatsapp. So how?

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After opening the WhatsApp program you have installed on your computer, we will see an explanatory page. We do what is described on this page one by one and we log in to whatsapp with our phone.

As you can see above, we open the whatsapp from the phone after opening the application and click on the settings icon at the bottom right for Iphone and click on WhatsApp Web / Desktop from the page that opens. The QR barcode will open and we receive this code on the camera with your phone. We then log in automatically.

# Issues to Consider Whatsapp

# Don’t forget to log out! If the computer is not yours, click on “keep logged in”. Your session will remain open all the time. Thus, your correspondence and photos can be viewed from the computer even when you are not on the computer.

Be careful when transferring files from the computer. If you are going to transfer large files from the computer, do this considering that there will be this file on your phone. You will not use extra memory on your phone.

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